2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Sweden – Switzerland may 18, 2019

2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Sweden – Switzerland may 18, 2019

    The two finalists of last world championship will now meet each other at the group stage of the world Cup-2019. Sweden or Switzerland? The winner or the silver medalist? Whose side Victoria will be in may of this year? The official BC is clearly on the side of the winner of the "gold" of a year ago. But let's not immediately write off Vice-champion. Just try to understand, why it can (and most likely) needs to give way again.


    Don't upset the team of such level, especially when they defend the title. "Three crowns" just gripped stranglehold in his last year's trophy. And he won't be at the level of reflexes to show a weak point against the "Crusaders", as did other members of the "big six" only twelve months ago.


    In Denmark, the "Crusaders" and so jumped higher than his own head. They managed with difficulty to get out of the group, but then showed character. Will they have enough strength and luck, twice in a row to deal with rivals, which now certainly will treat the Swiss seriously? Hardly...

    A prediction for the outcome of the game Sweden – Switzerland

    It's funny that a year ago these teams crossed paths not only in the finals, the outcome of which is known to all, but in the group stage. And then, the thirteenth of may, the Scandinavians defeated "Crusaders" with the score 3:5.

    If you look at the statistics of their meetings in the history of the fifty two matches Victoria forty-one times extracted Scandinavians (thirty-eight in regulation, once in ot and twice in shootouts). Five draw results and only six victories of the Swiss. The last of them at the moment in 2013. Our forecast – a victory of the current world champion. Most likely, in three periods, that is, without dadditional five-minute and the penalty shootout.

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