2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Denmark - Germany

2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game Denmark - Germany

    May 12 at steel Arena in Kosice will host the match of Group A world Cup 2019 ice hockey qualifier between Denmark and Germany. Bookmakers will take bets on this game, so the editors Online-bookmakers.ru made a prediction for the match Denmark - Germany.

    Analysis of the match Denmark - Germany.

    Denmark in 2002, managed to take first place in group B of the first division of the world Championship, so the team moved into a higher division, where acts since 2003. In the entire history of the world Cup, the Danes never stood on the podium. The highest achievement of the team - eighth place in the tournament. Prior to this position, the team traveled twice at the 2010 world Cup and the 2016 world Cup. First time Denmark lost in the quarterfinals to Sweden with the score 2:4, and the second time Finland with the score 1:5. At the last two world Championships, the Danes failed to qualify in the series of the playoffs, because finishing sixth in the group for the 2017 world Championships and fifth place at the 2018 world Cup.

    Germany acts with dignity at international tournaments. The account team 1 silver and 2 bronze Olympic medals, the team has twice won the title of champion of Europe and world Championships earned 2 silver medals and 2 bronze. Germany is not included in the big six hockey, but ranked seventh in the ranking of the IIHF. For the last seven world cups the Germans managed to go out in a series of the playoffs only twice in the tournament in 2016 and 2017. In the 1/4 finals of the 2016 world Cup Germany lost to Russia with the score 1:4, and in the quarterfinals of the world Cup in 2017 , the Germans lost to the Canadians with the score 1:2. For the 2018 world Cup, Germany took the sixth a place in the group and made it to 11 lines at the end of the competition.

    Who will win in match Denmark - Germany?

    At the last world Cup Germany lost to Denmark 2:3 the results of the shootout. Both teams are about equal, so the struggle for victory will unfold serious. Germany and Denmark have the same goals in world Cup 2019: both teams will fight for the quarterfinals. The main competitor of the Danes and the Germans, the hosts of the championship Slovakia. A definite prediction on the distribution of seats in the Group And yet to do, but Slovakia have more chances on the fourth line.

    Germany played against Denmark 9 matches, 6 of them won by the Danes. In 9 games, Germany has earned 12 points, Denmark - 15. The number of goals scored also lead the Danes - they scored 26 times, while the Germans have scored only 19 goals. Match statistics and result of a meeting in the 2018 world Cup speak in favor of Denmark. In our opinion, you need to bet to win the Danes, as they have more chances to win.

    Forecast for total goals in the match Denmark - Germany.

    Statistics totals 9 matches Denmark - Germany:

    Bet on total goals more than 3.5 – this is one of the safest options in the match Denmark - Germany. Of course, you can take a risk and make a bet on total goals over 4.5, but based on statistical data, this prediction came true in 6 of 9 matches. We do not suggest to bet on over 5,5 or higher, as teams rarely score more than 5 goals per game.