2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the match Norway – Czech Republic

2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the match Norway – Czech Republic

    May 11, at the Winter stadium of Ondrej nepela in Bratislava will host the match of the world Cup 2019 on hockey in group B between the teams of Norway and the Czech Republic. Bookmakers will take bets on this fight, so the editors Online-bookmakers.ru prepared a prediction for the match Norway – Czech Republic.

    Analysis of the match Norway – Czech Republic.

    Norway takes part in the world Championships since 1937. However, during all this time the Scandinavians have never managed to win medals. The record of the national team, 4th place at the end of the tournament, was set in the distant 1951. On the Olympic games , the Norwegians did not rise above 8 lines. The last major success of the national team reached the world Cup 2011: the team managed to reach the quarterfinals, where she lost to Finland with the score 1:4. At the last world Cup, Norway took the second place in group B, ahead of South Korea on 6 points.

    The Czech Republic is one of the most titled teams in the world. For a small history of performances in world Championships (since 1993), the Czechs won 6 gold medals, 1 silver and 5 bronze. Under the guidance of coach Vladimir Ruzicka Czechs at the 2010 world Cup , took 1st place in 2011 and in 2012 received the bronze. Then came a period of decline from 2013 to 2018, the team never managed to enter the top three teams following the tournament. However, it is worth noting that Czech Republic brand at every world Cup came out in the series of the playoffs. At the last two competitions, the Czechs were knocked out in the 1/4 finals of the national team of Russia and the USA.

    Who will win the match Norway – Czech Republic?

    The favorite in the match between Norway and the Czech Republic</strong> obvious - the victory of the Czech Republic. The Czechs are rightly in the top three of the favorites of group B, along with the Swedes and the Russians. Norwegians can count on 4 place in the group stage only if they manage to oust their competitors - the Swiss, who showed great performances at the 2018 world Cup and won silver. In our view, Norway will not be able to compete against strong rivals in group B and therefore will not reach above the 5th line.

    In the entire history of Norway held 16 matches against the Czech Republic. 12 of them ended with the victory of the Czechs, 2 match was won by the Norwegians and double matches ended in a draw. For washers of course leads the Czech Republic: the Czechs have scored 58 times the Scandinavians, and the Norwegians scored only 15 goals. Statistics and the difference in class of teams are given the opportunity to make an unambiguous conclusion about the victory of the Czech team.

    Forecast for total goals in the match Norway – Czech Republic.

    Statistics totals in 16 matches Norway – Czech Republic:

    In the vast majority of matches (13) between Norway and the Czech Republic were scored 4 goals, so bet on the over 3,5 with a high probability of winning. But pay attention to the statistics of the last 4 games: 2 game ended with the score 7:0 and 2 games with the score 1:0 (in all cases in favor of the Czechs). Therefore, the number of goals in the matches of the Norway - Czech Republic could not foresee every time.