2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game USA - France

2019 IBU WCH hockey: prediction for the game USA - France

    May 12 at the steel arena in the Slovakian city of Kosice will take place match group a, world Cup 2019 in ice hockey between USA and France. For all gambling fans who will be betting in bookmakers, editors Online-bookmakers.ru made a prediction for the game USA - France.

    Match analysis USA - France.

    USA ranks 4th in the ranking of the IIHF last season. The Americans successfully participate in the world Championshipsby 2 gold, 4 silver and 8 bronze medals. For the 2018 world Cup national team took the second place in group B, losing to Finland only by the ratio of scored and conceded goals. In the semifinals, the Americans lost to the future Champions Swedes with the devastating account 0:6, but won the Canadians in the match for third place with the score 4:1. It is also worth noting the achievements of States in the Olympic games: the team has twice won gold medals, 8 times silver and one time bronze. United States, along with Canada and Finland considered the favorite in group A.

    France participates in the world Cup since 1930, but in all that time never became the winner. Maximum results team - 6 line - was reached in 1930. At the last eight world Championships, the French were able to go out in a series of the playoffs only once in 2014. In the 1/4 finals they lost to the Russian team with the score 0:3. The vast majority of the global tournament , France is not above 12 seats, so the chances of a national team exit in the quarterfinals of the world Cup 2019 is very small.

    Who will win the match USA - France?

    The match USA - France would be pretty one-sided. An absolute favorite, team USA will dominate enemy and with high probability will win. In this match will meet the favourite and the outsider of the group And, therefore, to hope the French don't make sense. Americans will fight for the leading position with the Finns and Canadians, therefore, will approach the match with seriousness. France could only count on 6 in the group only in case if you are ahead of Denmark.

    In the history of the tournament the United States and France have played 13 matches. The Americans won 11 of them, while the French have won only once, one game ended in a draw. The number of goals scored is dominated by the USA: 73 vs 20. In 13 games the U.S. team earned 34 points, and France - 4. Statistics clearly speaks in favor of the Americans.

    Forecast for total goals in the match USA - France.

    Statistics totals in 13 games USA – France:

    In all matches between the United States and France were scored 4 or more goals, so it makes sense to make a bet on the over 3,5. If you want to take the risk to get more high coefficients, we can conclude a bet on total goals over 4.5, this prediction will be accurate with a probability of 76%. We do not recommend to bet on over 5,5, as three of the last five matches were scored less than 6 goals. The largest score of 22:0 (in the USA) were registered in 1924, when the teams first met on the ice.