Bet prediction for the game Russia, Norway, hockey world Cup-2015

 Ставки, прогноз на матч Россия Норвегия, ЧМ по хоккею-2015

Game overview

The Norwegians and Russians has dropped out to meet in the same group In the tournament at the preliminary stage in the Czech Ostrava. For the Russian team to start with the match against Norway is a good draw. There is an opportunity for units to roll out, to feel a shoulder each other. After all, despite all the tournaments, like the Euro tour, the world Championships, the Russian team is going to practically in another part, taking the ranks of their players from the NHL.


None of the bookies and few of the specialists are not willing to bet on the victory of the Norwegians in this meeting. Miracles certainly do happen, but not of this nature. That once, over half a century ago Norway was honored to be the fourth in the world Cup today in memory only statisticians and chroniclers of the sport. But the current generation is based on other data: for the previous world championship in Norway was only the 12th, and at the Olympic games in Sochi -2014 surrendered unconditionally in the match against Russia with the score 0:4. So, say the bookies, leave all your doubts and put on Norway only if you've got extra money and want them to bestow on others. Bet on Russia rich also no one will do, but the revenue will, if only slightly.

The current generation of Norwegian national team is not fired in a serious tournament battles almost all the players are in the national championship, which even in Europe is considered from the category of 'average performance'. Norwegian press encourages its players just a reminder that not gods pots. But the world Cup is still not a competition among the potters, so the chances of Norway.Eski no.

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