Bet on Heart of Stone (HOS) - where better to do for money?

Ставки на Heart of Stone - как где и лучше делать на деньги?

Each competitive genre among computer games has been a long time a few unqualified favorites. Strategies is StarCraft 2 and WarCraft third. Among shooters such games at the moment began CS: GO and Quake. And in the rapidly developing genre of MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) clear leaders in popularity stay LoL and DotA 2. But the latter two recently appeared serious competitor project called Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes of the Storm, was released in early summer of 2015 and has quickly evolved from an ordinary online games in the eSports discipline. And this is not surprising, because the project worked craftsmen from Blizzard Entertainment, gave the world of WarCraft franchise, Diablo and StarCraft. In fact, the game is a crossover (a world where heroes from different games) these three series. Despite the fact that the creators will take their offspring to a new genre of Hero Brawler, the gameplay and other features of the strategy is a typical MOBA game. And she quickly attracted fans of eSports. So, what was the discipline at many major competitions, and bets on Heroes of the Storm now take on a par with betting on DotA 2.

Types of bets on HOS

No special surprises office fans of Heroes of the Storm is not prepared. That is, most of the bookies take a hundredput the finishing touches on Heroes of the Storm on money approximately on the same conditions as the other games of the MOBA genre. For example, better may bet on the outcome of the individual match, try to guess the winner of the tournament gets the opportunity to make not only one bet (single bet), whether handicap or total goals, but also take the Express train or the whole system.

However, some things in betting on this project, BK is still able to surprise people. For example, a bet in on some of the resources are:

  • which team (or individual player) will occupy a certain point on the map, pumped hero to one of the levels or get pre-specified artifact
  • at the time, which will last a round or the whole match in General
  • on which gamers will be voted the most valuable player of the round/match/tournament.

The most popular tournaments and competitions

The largest tournament on Heroes of the Storm is the world championship, which is held at BlizzCon. In 2015 the prize Fund of the contest exceeded half a million dollars.

Among other notable events in HOTS is to provide international tournaments for Heroes of the Future, Enter the Storm EU and Global Championship Circuit that is divided into stages. Given the fact that the game came out relatively recently, there is no doubt that over time it will attract a lot more professional gamers. And therefore, there will be more competition, and punters get the opportunity to make a bet on Heroes of the Storm more often!

How and where to begin to put in Heroes of the Storm?

At major international SOStazania in this eSports title now taking bets several major BK. One of the most famous in Runet among them is 1xbet.

But to bet on the outcome of confrontations in HOTS you can and specialized resources. The most popular ones at the moment are sites CybBet, E Egaming Bets and-Bets Online. To learn more about each of these resources will help you our list of the best cyber betting shops.

To process transactions on any website you must first register and then make a Deposit into your account is what is done in any convenient way for you.

Tips for beginners

  1. HOTS a relatively new discipline. So it is very important to follow all the major tournaments, as gamers stars in this game are literally born each month.
  2. Don't forget to see the statistics of the performances and rankings of the best teams. This will help to identify the favourites in any competition.
  3. Track all the changes in the teams, the players move from one team to another quite often, which could significantly strengthen or weaken participants of the next tournament.

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