Bet on Quake Live - how and where to do types of bets

Ставки на киберспорт: Quake Live

One of the most popular kiberdistsiplin among shooters is Quake Live. In fact, this game has become an ideological continuation of Quake III project which has always enjoyed great popularity among fans of online computer battles. The official release of the shooting was held in 2010, and in September 2014, the shooter began to spread via Steam, where lives so far.

That is Quake Live (for some users this multiplayer action game known as Quake Zero, as it initially wanted to call the developers of id Software) along with CS:GO is one of the best and balanced MMOFPS in the history of this cult classic among gamers of the genre. Due to the interesting gameplay and easy organization of battles, the project quickly began to be used as one of the disciplines in the world of professional eSports. And then the game became interested in the thousands of punters and gamblers who want to bet on the victory of one or another gamer. This can be done now. Let's see how and where it is easiest to make a bet on Quake Live?

How to start betting and how does it work?

This files most often bet on Quake Live are the results of major international tournaments and competitions. But some resources are happy to take bets on smaller events, for example, separate matches between the famous (and not so) teams or individual gamers.

The scheme of bet is similar to making a bet on a sporting event in a conventional bookmaker:

  1. Cyber Sportsbook offers event, factors, and options of a particular outcome.
  2. Gambling and the user puts a certain amount ofone of the outcomes.
  3. In case of victory or another predicted outcome the user gets the prize.

But due to the specifics of the gameplay bets on Quake Live is slightly different from normal transactions in BC.

Types of bets

The most popular of them are:

  • bets on the victory of one participant (team) in a big tournament
  • bets on the outcome of a single match or round of the tournament
  • bets on number of kills (killing other characters), earned team or individual player
  • bets on the time during which one team will deal with all parties opposing her team.

Also, many resources accept a bet on Quake Live approximately the same conditions (singles, multiple bets, handicaps, total goals, handicap betting etc.) that bookmakers offer their customers on the usual sporting events.

The most popular events and tournaments for Quake LIve

The greatest interest (as in gamers and viewers or punters) cause the largest international competitions in Quake Live, which bring together the best teams from all over the world. And the prize Fund and such events can also turn the heads of the participants. For example, at the jubilee, the twentieth tournament QuakeCon 2015, which was held last summer in Dallas, between quake players have been played more than forty thousand dollars.

In addition to the above QuakeCon, special respect among fans of the game are battles within the Intel QUAKE LIVE Duel Masters Invitational Championship, DreamHack Winter and other international competitions. And domestic gamers also do not forget to regularly Wto ugadyvat to tournaments from 125 FPS League, bets on who take even some well-known bookmakers.

Where bets are accepted on Quake Live?

The most popular resource for execution of transactions for the events in Quake Live remains Egaming Bets. On this site you'll find all the biggest QL tournaments and other eSports disciplines.

Trying to keep up with their counterparts and ordinary CD, with the main business which is making a bet on regular sports matches and competitions. For example, the famous domestic offices 1xbet has long been a section of ESports, which appear regularly and the tournaments on Quake Live.

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