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ставки на виртуальный футбол

What you need to know before you start betting on virtual football?

A couple of decades ago it was quite difficult to imagine that can be modeled as a single football match and the whole tournament. However, thanks to modern computer technology, managed to create what is now called virtual football. In General, this product can be called artificial simulation of a real match or competition, the creation of which takes into account a lot of small details. And the virtual variation of the fights attract the attention of punters and bookmakers.

What is that?

So what is virtual football, bets on the matches which take hundreds of BC around the world? First and foremost, is an attempt to recreate future events on real fields. That is, in the virtual football we see a future match in which powerful computers are trying based on the analysis of many factors to predict the development has not yet occurred event.

And it should be noted that in many cases, such a virtual simulation could at least correctly estimate the winning chances of each team to identify the most useful players and even to accurately predict the outcome of events. Of course, no program yet can not account for all details (for example, banal human factor or the injury of a player), but in General such an unusual option for betting every day is gaining more and more popularity among fans of gambling entertainment.

Virtual football today

While it is difficult to imagine in what direction will move the entire industry of gambling in the future. But today virtual footballMelo can be called a great addition to the line any bookmaker. And today such events are a whole lot of advantages, among which:

1. The efficiency of the matches, lasting only fifteen minutes. That is, the gain can be obtained almost immediately after the wagering.
2. Competition on the virtual football are at any time of the year. For this sport there is no off-season, holidays or weekends. So think about whether or not to bet on one of the lower leagues is not the strongest of leagues, or to test their knowledge in a virtual football.
3. Too small percentage of dogovornyak. To exclude completely the possibility of such matches is not necessary, but that their number is much less than in real football, there is no doubt.
4. For better calculation of the outcome of the matches in virtual football greatly simplified. Indeed, in these simulations to events on the virtual battlefield much less affected by unpredictable factors such as weather conditions, the mood of the chief judge or irascible character of individual players.

How to look bets on virtual football?

So if you evaluate the matches in virtual football, as recreated with the help of powerful computers, the real clubs, players and coaching tactics, that, in the end, we get close to the reality of events designed with the help of special programs with the highest precision. And the bookies even manage to issue the broadcast of such matches or recreations of important events such meetings on the football field.

At the moment for fantasy football in most major BC meets the same company Betradar. It is developing and other software for internationally-known bookmakers. Thanks to the punters and available statistics and other data in most Kontop.

Since the average virtual football match lasts for ninety seconds, acceptance of bets and payment has already played at events is no more than five minutes. Thus, even for the whole season in like recreated reality, you can play just a few hours. That allows fans to bet good money fast compared to the normal games mode.

How to make a bet?

Just go to the relevant section of your favorite office, choose the right meeting and to make a deal. In General, this process is not different from betting on actual matches. That's just a result you learn much faster.

Types of bets

In General, virtual games are those betting options that real fights. The only caveat is the inability of such enterprises designed results played live meetings into a single expression.

Strategies and tactics betting

First and foremost, keep in mind that their odds and margins bookmaker has already managed to lay all the risks, since it could predict the result before showed the match in its line. So, if betting on real matches you have a chance to beat the office due to the ability to analyze and predict the results, then build your strategy with virtual football you will be much more difficult.

However, even by the usual tactics and strategies for making a bet with BK, you can earn good money. Most importantly, choose the best tactics for your vision rates.

Some of the most common questions about betting virtual football

Now let's go through the most frequently asked questiohimself on this unusual type of wagering. And try to answer them.

1. What is a virtual football in BC?
This service is called recreated with the help of computer programs championship event that any better can bet. Thus for the design of such competitions are used all the nuances and details like statistics of individual players and game mechanics in General.

2. How long is a season?
Depending on the number of teams, the championship can last from ninety to one hundred and fifty minutes.

3. When you can put on another match?
The betting ends ten seconds before the beginning of the meeting.

4. What types of bets you can make on these virtual matches?
The same as for real fights, ranging from bets on the outcome of the meeting or a separate time, and ending with a precise account, the totals and the number of goals scored.

5. Where such rates accept?
In most offices there are special partitions with the virtual football. That's where you'll be able to bet on such competitions.

6. Can I see statistics like virtual Championships?
Yes, available in special sections on sports betting.

7. Can you do parlays on these events?

8. Is it possible in one Express to combine the virtual with the real matches?

9. Do you accept a bet with a handicap in this competition?
Yeah, the handicaps are applied to the receiving side.

10. Can I get bonuses for winning such a bet?
Yes. For example, in BC Sportingbet.

11. How are calculated the results of the matches in virtual football?
As a rule, for the calculation of the result corresponds to a range of the most modern computer programs. And the result is computed taking into account a variety of conditions.

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