Betting on the Open championship of the USA on tennis Us Open Cup 2015 : schedule, odds

Ставки на Открытый чемпионат США по теннису Us Open Cup 2015 : расписание, коэффициентыThe final tournament of the Grand slam has long been traditionally held in the United States. Two weeks of competitions on the courts of new York, which largely determine the place of the tennis players in the world ranking. Without a good reason no serious tennis player tournament of such rank can not miss by definition.

General information about the tournament

It is worth remembering that it is the United States, but because the history of the US Open starts with a distant, 1881, when the tournament was held for the first time and, of course, was no open championship, because participation was allowed only males and only members of the national Association. Women at that time and close to the courts did not admit, that decades later, the United States became the leaders in the emancipation of the weaker sex.

Расписание, коэффициенты, ставки на Us Open Cup - Чемпионат по теннису США

The present Open championship of the United States began, in fact, only in 1968, when to participate it was decided to allow professionals from different countries. But Americans do not love such details, about this misunderstanding prefer not to, only emphasizing the old age of your tournament. His other charms, including the biggest prize pool. Though what it will be in 2015, know, probably, only the elect, since before the first starts so far away: it is Clear that the sum will total significantly more than $ 40 million.

Unlike the British, Americans are more inclined to experiments, and for all these decades, the US Open was held on the courts with various coating. Started with grass, then moved on to the ground, like in Roland Garros, and only 36 years ago decided to stop on the hard coating.

But all the same in one direction, the Americans really showed themselves great: it the US Open for the first time on the Grand slam tournaments the prize Fund was split evenly between men and ladies. After that, London, Paris and Melbourne was exerted serious pressure from the international tennis community and there, reluctantly, followed the example of new York.

The participants of the US Open Cup

Since then, the tournament became truly international, there are no people wanting to participate. And if to speak about those who most often leave with the title of the strongest, it is necessary to recall existing tennis players Roger Federer. The Swiss were celebrating the victory on the local courts five times and this is the record with two other artists who have long sheathed his racket Subprasom Pete and Jimmy Connors.

The females champion Serena Williams six times for her victory in the tournament impressionable Americans (and not only) was met with a standing ovation.

From here the Russians defeated Maria Sharapova and Svetlana Kuznetsova, who can also participate in the fight for the trophy in 2015. But Kuznetsova did that part, and Sharapova's chances are much higher.

The favorites of the tournament: who is better bet

It is a thankless business to determine favorites of the US Open. Almost no one in 2014 did not put on Croat Marin Cilic, and he took it and jumped out like a Jack-in-the-box. Although over the last five years it was, perhaps, the only surprise. Twice became champion Rafael Nadal, one more time Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

This bookmakers and tailors, making their bets on potential winners of the US Open. These three tennis players are the favorites of the tournament. Roger Federer should be wary, given his advanced age. Taken into account and the fact that the lastNY times on the US Open the Swiss had won in 2008, long time. He is not always able to withstand the strenuous pyatisetovy fights, considering that the competitors is much younger than him.

With women everything is easier. Serena Williams is the favourite number one. She plays at home, with the strong support of the audience, and for three seasons in a row, it has no equal in the courts of new York.

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