Browse Miami Open 2019: history, rules, members, and favorites

Обзор Miami Open 2019: история, регламент, участники и фавориты

For many years this tournament was called the Sony Open in honor of the main sponsor, but for several years called on the competition venue in the southern United States. This is a prestigious tournament, the final series of performances on the courts with hard coating and subsequent transition to the ground. The size of the prize Fund in $ 7 million, typical for the ATP 1000 tournaments, making the yoke is popular among athletes and among fans of sports betting.

A bit of history

Tournament in Miami is relatively young. For the first time the championship was held in 1987 year, and the participants of the main stage was 128 players, and the games in the men's category went to three victories in sets, that is by its parameters the tournament was comparable to the competitions with the status "Grand slam". There was even a proposal to replace the tournament in Miami Australian Open, but later this idea was abandoned.

In the future, the status of the competition was somewhat reduced, in particular the format of the matches and the number of participants was reduced to the level of Masters tournaments.


As mentioned above, the matches in Miami are held on the courts with hard coating. The regulations provide for the conduct of games in four discharges, two singles and two doubles. To win the match enough to win two sets, both men and women.

Miami Open matches are traditionally held in the last week of March, and the tournament is one of the few major tennis competitions held this month.

In singles stands at 64 players in the main draw of the tournament, excluding the qualifying rounds. The number of pairs half the time. Thus, to the quarter-finals the participants will play three preliminary round.

Participants and favorites

Traditionally, Miami is visited by most of the strongest players. Most wins on account of Novak Djokovic, with six "Victoria", five of them in six years (2011-2016). Three wins in the tournament and Roger Federer, but the lover of the soil covering Nadal five times played in the final, but each time unsuccessfully.

In women, the record holder of the tournament is Serena Williams with eight wins, and in recent years, victories were achieved Briton konta and American Stevens, so to win among the representatives of the WTA, anyone can.

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