Forecast for a tennis match: Stefanos Zizipus – Joao Domingues

Forecast for a tennis match: Stefanos Zizipus – Joao Domingues

    In tennis it's time underground tournaments, preparations for the Open championship of France. A good tournament is being held in Portugal, here in the 1/4 finals, top seed Stefanos Zizipus will play little-known Portuguese player, Joao Domingesom. And edition prepared for you your forecast for the outcome of this meeting.

    Young and strong Zizipus

    Stefanos Zizipus even last season was considered a very promising player, now he came to the point, failing to reach the semifinals of the Australian Open, also the Greek won the tournament in Marseille and reached final in Dubai. On the ground Zizipus plays very confident in Monaco and Barcelona, he was eliminated after his second game. In this tournament Zizipus started from the second round, due to the high rating, where he defeated Argentine Guido Andreozzi – 6:3, 6:4. The young Greek is only 20 years old, and he is the tenth racket of the world, at the tournament in Portugal, he is the obvious favorite.

    Motivated Portuguese

    About Joao Domingesa little is known, he is 25, and in the world ranking, he is only 214 line. The Portuguese plays mostly in weak challengers in the past, which took place in Tunisia, he reached the final. At this home tournament in Estoril Dominges through the qualification, although famous players he's passed. But in the main grid, the Portuguese held strong Australian De Mineur– 6:2, 2:6, 6:2. Then his hands suffered another Aussie Millman, who refused to continue the fight in the second set. Dominges has a killer flow over the last two games he has not fulfilled a single ACE, but it's nice to play at the reception. Feats of Portuguese are not waiting, but he is quite able to provide decent resistance Zizipus.

    Statistics of personal meetings

    Oddly enough, the players crossed between a it was two years ago on clay tournament in the Netherlands, then Zizipus won a difficult victory – 7:6, 6:4.

    Forecast for the game

    Bookmakers believe Ticipate undisputed favorite, he spends a good season and can beat anyone in the world. Dominges unknown, but he knocked out two strong players, plus he plays at home, it must have. The Portuguese at least have to fight the star contender, especially given the fact that the soil plays Zizipus not the best way. Bet – win Domingesa with a handicap of +5.5 games for a ratio of 1.71 looks very interesting.