Bet on Volleyball championship Women Russia Cup: schedule, odds

Волейбол Чемпионат за кубок России женщины 2015: ставки, расписаниеAmong the team of women's sports in our country one of the most popular is volleyball. And second in importance and popularity (after regular season) is considered to be the Cup competition, which also involved the strongest Russian teams. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the Cup paying close attention and leading bookmakers and their clients. But what you need to know about the event, to make it betting?

A bit of history

The first draw of the Cup of Russia on volleyball was held in 1993 year. As well as the superiority among men, it is held annually. The last few tournaments officially held in memory of honored coach of the Soviet Alexandrovich Givi Akhvlediani.

Before the championship among women, like the Cup competitions men's teams, took place in three stages. But since 2012, the year the organizers have reduced the raffle to two stages, which involved twenty clubs.

For General information about women's Championship

In the twenty-third draw of the Cup of Russia according to preliminary data will involve twenty teams. Ten of them traditionally are representatives of the super League, eight of Serie A, and two teams from League B. to Defend the title will be Krasnodar Dinamo, victorious in the last competition over Omichka Omsk.

Расписание на Чемпиона России по волейболу Женщины

The regulation stages of the competition

The rules of the tournament are almost identical Reglathe COP of the championship or Cup competitions for men. A draw is held in two stages. At the preliminary stage twenty participating teams split into four groups and conduct one meeting between them. Group stage games will be held in November.

The best quintets in their team, and also one club of those who took the second place (with the highest statistics) advance to the finals. Also at this stage in your teams joins the team, received a special invitation from the representatives of the Executive Committee of the IEF. Usually it is the party which lacked quite a bit independently to reach the final after the group stage.

The final part of the Cup is usually carried out at the end of December. It includes a group stage and knock-out matches. First, the teams are divided into two triples and played together. And then the top two teams from each group meet in semi-finals of the playoffs. The winners of this stage will meet in a match where will be awarded the gold and silver, and the losers in the semifinals will meet in the match for the bronze.

The final stage of the tournament is the twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth of December and includes not only the knock-out matches, but a meeting for the third place.

The favorites of the tournament: who is better bet

In the last few years the Cup of Russia on volleyball among women invariably in the hands of the Dynamo. And it is at once of three collectives of Krasnodar, Moscow and Dinamo Kazan. Just to win one of these clubs and it makes sense to bet.

As competitors, the above three clubs there may be not so many teams. Last year a very worthy showed athletes from Omsk Omichka. Their team got to the finals and won silver medals. In some circumstances (absence of injuries to key performers, a good draw and optimal form), the chances of success in the final stage can have Zarechie Odintsovo proton. But, compared to the above clubs, these teams look underdone rather than favorites. However, their win ratios are considerably higher than for a positive result, the same Dynamo girls.

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