Volleyball Champions League EKB Men 2015: rates, schedule, odds, prediction

Лига Чемпионов ЕКБ Мужчины : ставки, расписание, коэффициентыA bit of history of the championship

The idea of holding such tournament occurred in the middle of last century. Regularly held he became from 1960 to the beginning of the new century was called the European Champions Cup. There was a time when teams from Europe were joined by the best African clubs, for example, teams from countries such as Tunisia, Morocco and Cairo. In addition to the Champions League among men's teams held a similar tournament for women.

The most titled club of the championship is the Moscow CSKA. On account of his thirteen gold medals. But the defending champion among the men's teams are also Russians, athletes from Belgorod Belogorye. It should be noted that in two thousand years in this competition, and domestic clubs won six times, a record among participating countries. Behind our compatriots with five wins are the Italians.

General information about the men's UEFA Champions League EKB

Start current, the fifteenth (of the fifty-sixth, if you count the Cup of European Champions) season of UEFA Champions League CEV among men took place on the fourth of November 2014. It involved twenty-eight teams from sixteen States of the Old world. His game showed three representatives from Russia, Poland, Italy and Belgium, and two teams from Germany, Turkey, France and Austria. In addition, in the first stages of the championship you can watch the game of the Greeks, Romanians, Swiss, Montenegrins, Czechs, Bulgarians, Slovenes and Greeks, whose country was represented by one club.

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The regulation stages of the tournament

The tournament takes place in several stages. Initially, all participants are divided into seven groups, in which the matches take place in two rounds, in the format each with each. Depending on the result, each team can receive from zero to three points for each meeting. The group winners and six clubs with the best statistics (out of those who took the second place) advance to the second stage, which begins the knock-out matches.

Games within the groups took place from November 2014-year to the end of January 2015. And the playoffs will start on the tenth of February. The best Quartet of European clubs at the end of this stage will attend the final four matches which will be held the twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth of March. As the final part of the Champions League will be held in the German capital, her first party automatically became the host of the event, the team of Berlin Recycling.

Bet on the Champions League in volleyball among men's teams - who are the favourites?

If you want to win, it makes sense to put on one of the Russian clubs. At the end of the group stage the most successful of our teams were: Kazan Zenit. But Belogorie Belgorod (defending the title, if anyone has forgotten) and Novosibirsk Locomotive also has all the chances to win.

Italians also typically confident start from the beginning of the main European championship in this season are relatively pale. But of the three teams to reach the playoffs out of this country, should look to at least one of Umbria. Perugia team at the previous stage lost only one match out of six. And the other five ended with her victory.

You should also look to Polish the Scratch, which started the tournament very successfully. So far, the team of bełchatów are unbeaten, winning six matches and scored in their group products.the number of points.

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