Volleyball Superleague championship of Russia men 2015: schedule, betting, odds

Волейбол Суперлига Чемпионат России мужчины : расписание, ставки, коэффициенты

Despite the fact that popularity in our country, volleyball is far from hockey and football, for key competitions in the sport regularly monitor hundreds of thousands of fans. Do not pass by such event as bookmakers and gamblers. And one of the most entertaining and interesting competitions in volleyball became the championship for the Cup of Russia. And here is some information about the current draw of this trophy, which will help novice punters make some money on rates.

A bit of history of the Russian championship

This contest is considered to be the second most popular and important (it is inferior only to the national championship) tournament, the main prize of which is played by the best teams of our country. The first competition was held in 1993-m to year. And since it is annual.

Initially, the tournament didn't attract much hype or the fans or the clubs. Many of the strongest teams over the decades simply ignored the joke, while Russian volleyball Federation didn't have to go to the format change. Since the final part of the competition takes place not in summer, and in winter that much easier for members of the Cup.

Расписание коэффициенты на Чемпионат России по волейболу среди мужчин ставки

Overview of Superleague

The current draw of the Cup of Russia is the twenty-third and, as the last few tournaments, will be devoted to Konstantin Kuzmich Rewa. The competition will be divided into three stages. According to preliminary data, it will participate in chetinadTSAT clubs in the super League, twelve teams, representing the League, as well As the best team from League B.

In addition, the organizers do not exclude the possibility of appearance in the tournament of one of the clubs, as has happened many times. For example, last year it was possible to see performances of a Builder from Minsk.

The regulation stages of the competition

In General, the rules of the Cup games are very similar to the rules of the regular season and the past few years remain unchanged. The Cup of Russia is divided into three phases. In the preliminary usually involved twenty-eight teams. And the games are held in intensive mode practically the whole of September. At this stage all teams will play among themselves two times.

Followed by semi-finals, in which are sixteen best teams. They are divided into four groups and play each other during the second half of October. The best participants go to the Final six.

At the last stage the teams will meet at the end of December. Six teams are split into two groups and hold a few meetings to two victories. Two sides from each group go into the semi-finals. And from that moment the game begins to bleed.

The tournament favourites on whom to bet in this season

As usual in recent years, there is no doubt in an elegant speech of two clubs Belogorie Belgorod (team is the most successful team in the history of the Cup) and Zenit Kazan, which is the current holder of the trophy. It is these members over several seasons are favourites in most bookmakers and many experienced hitters.

In addition, do not underestimate the players of the Moscow Dynamo and Novosibirsk Locomotive. These clubs also became havemembers of the Cup of Russia and can easily compete even with more established competitors.

At successful coincidence of circumstances and a good draw in the Final six may be a few dark horses. For example, in the previous spins, all the winning chances has been the Torch from Novy Urengoy, Kemerovo, Kuzbass, although no one doubts that in the class they are slightly inferior to more famous opponents.

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