The biathlon world Championships 2016: schedule, odds, bets

Чемпионат Мира по биатлону 2016

Russia is a Northern country, so winter sports we have enjoyed great popularity. A special place among such events is the biathlon. Popular he was not only able to compete with hockey, but often emerges victorious from this confrontation.

Each season is a world Cup on biathlon, which consists of ten stages. Apart from this is the world Championships, which in turn until recently was read as the next stage in the competition of the World Cup.

This year the world championship will be a jubilee 50-m account. To carry out its entrusted Norwegian Holmenkollen. Last main tournament of a season of biathlon in the period from 3 March to 13 th. The city has significant experience in biathlon competition, so as the organization of the tournament no doubt.

Rules of conduct, the arena and the rules of the biathlon world Championships 2016

Арена которая будет принимать Чемпионат Мира по Биатлону 2016The biathlon world championship has already taken its present form and does not change the format. The last of the changes was the inclusion in the program of the disciplines of the mixed relay. Of the innovations this year can be noted only changing the order of steps, traditionally the championship concludes with mass starts, due to the principles of selection of participants to participate in these races.

In total will be played 11 sets of medals in equally men's and women's standings, and another set mixed.

It is worth Recalling that the rules of the race at the world Cup differs from a world Cup. It concerns the maximum number of representatives of one country in the race. If the Cup roundx can be six plus a seventh for the country hostess, at the world championship limit the number of participants from one country is four. The hosts of the tournament as a bonus get an opportunity to claim a fifth athlete.


Date Day of the week Type of competition
3 Mar Thursday Mixed relay
5 Mar Friday The sprint race (M and W)
6 Mar Saturday Pursuit (M and W)
March 8 Monday Men's individual
9 Mar Tuesday Women's individual
March 10 Environment Relay male
12 Mar Saturday Relay female
13 Mar Sunday Mass start (M and W)

What race are waiting for fans of the biathlon world championship in March this year?

Primarily, this individual race, the oldest form of the biathlon program. Men are asked to run 20 miles, and women distance 5km less. During the race athletes will find four shooting stages (two times to shoot prone and standing). Each miss adds to the final result exactly 1 minute of penalty time. Given the seriousness of the penalty for a miss in this discipline usually are good marksmen.

Sprint. This is the most biathlon short distance. For men and women is envisaged to run 10 and 7.5 kilometres, respectively, with two visitsmi shooting range. For each of the mistakes participants are encouraged to run an additional 150 metres to a fine. On average, athletes spent about 22-25 seconds.

A continuation of the sprint is a race persecution. It involved only 60 of the best participants of the sprint race, and at the start they go to those time intervals that are formed between the athletes during the first race. Thus, the advantage initially have the athletes showed a good result in the sprint.

The distance of the race is men's 12.5 km and women run 2.5 km in less. Shoot during the race will have four times (two times standing and two lying down). Accordingly, more marksmen have the opportunity to improve their situation through frequent and accurate shooting.

The relay race involves national teams of four. Each of the participants overcomes 7.5 km (6km in women's relay) and fires twice, each of the shooting sessions, you can use three extra bullets. If they remain unaffected target, the athlete waiting for the penalty 150-meter circles. In the mixed relay from a country involves two men and women.

The mass start. To start in this race allowed a total of 30 participants starting at the same time. They need to run 15 (12,5) kilometers with four visits to the shooting range. In the race are all winners of previous competitions, as well as athletes who showed the best results.

The participants and the favorites

The list of participants does not differ from the world Cup. To the championship come the same faces. As for the favorites, it is the leaders of the world Cup, but given the unpredictability of the sport, almost every year there sensation.

How and where to make bets on The Biathlon World championship in 2016?

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