The world championship on mountain skiing 2016: schedule, odds

Чемпионат мира по горным лыжам 2015: расписание, коэффициентыEvery year skiing is getting more and more popular. For his main competition as not only fans, but also punters. Because most bookmakers offer their customers a wide variety of markets from the world of winter sports. And this is especially true of such famous forums as the world Championships.

General information

The venue of the forty-third world Championships in Alpine skiing will be just two North American town, which is famous for its slopes, beaver Creek and vail. Final part of the competition will be held in February next year.

For the first time in the history of the contest, the organizers plan to organize the maximum live broadcasts of all events in the tournament. To help them in this will several of the world's leading TV channels, most of which involve the same teams that were used during the Sochi Olympics. Several companies are preparing to beat their personal bests, setting up video marathons lasting more than five hours.

Thus, batters who makes a wager on any of the events, will almost certainly be able to watch it live.

Country participants

At the moment, the organizing Committee of the tournament received a record number of official applications for participation in the forthcoming championship. The tournament will be attended by several hundred athletes from more than seventy countries. And are represented not only by such famouse in the ski country like Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia or the United States, but the yard exotic countries. For example, the forum will be attended by delegations from India, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Haiti.

Competition rules - the rules of the championship

All events in the tournament fully comply with the rules of FIS (international ski Federation), under whose auspices they are held for many decades. Within the framework of the championship is a series of competitions. Moreover, the sets of medals are played among men and among women.

In General, the competition rules does not differ from similar competitions within the world Cup or Europe, as well as disciplines at the winter Olympics.

Phases and stages of carrying out

The championship includes several competitions. Both women and men are waiting for competition in Alpine combination downhill, super g, giant and slalom courses ordinary. The first rounds of the competition will be held on the second of February. As the final part of the most spectacular struggles can be seen the fifteenth of February.

The favorites of the tournament - the forecast is for someone to put

The tournament will gather the real elite of winter sports. Visit his promise to the best of the best. Among the favorites of the tournament, you can allocate two-time Olympic champion, American Ted ligety, who perfectly performs in all major tournaments in recent years, the Norwegian Axel Lund Svindal and the Austrian Marcel Hirscher.

With regard to competition among women, the huge chances of a medal are the German Hell Maria-Riesch, Slovenian Tina Maze, Austrian Anne Fenninger, Michaela kirchgasser as well and Nicole Hosp. It is not necessary to write off and mistresses of the championship, Julia Mancuso and Mikaela Shiffrin who are waiting for the crazy support of the fans.

In the team championship to become the leaders in the number of honeylay can national teams of Austria, Germany, Sweden and Slovenia, but still real favourites by many bookmakers now called the American athletes.

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