Bet skins on Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. Alternatives

Bet skins on Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. Alternatives

ставки скинами на онлайн игрыIn recent times betting on e-sports gaining more and more popularity. Worldwide, tens of millions of young people playing CS GO, DOTA2 other multiplayer games. Accordingly, they also make bets on the relevant tournaments.

One of the innovations is the possibility of betting skins, have unique items, which is a non-standard weapons, armor, or clothing. The user has the option to bet not a whole skin, and break it down into several bets.

We should note that bets are not safe, because the Valve company, is actively opposed to the very existence of the skins. Accordingly, there is every chance of blocking the account bukmekerskoy the office or on specialised platforms, including the loss of the skins themselves. Today, more than 20 sites offering betting skins received appropriate notification from Valve about a possible prosecution.

Alternative to real money

Given the fact that the prospects of skins is very vague, you need to have an alternative option for rates, and many services already offer is the bet in cash.

Among the advantages, characteristic of the skins, providing the industry the success it is necessary to allocate:

  • Ultimate ease of use;
  • Worldwide coverage;
  • High flexibility in rates due to differences between sites;
  • No need to use real money.

With all these benefits, there are two huge cons: complete lack of any regulation, high risks closure of services and pOteri skins.

In turn, the use of traditional bookmakers taking bets on sporting events in the currency gives the following advantages:

  • A high degree of safety for the user and its capital;
  • Accounts are protected from the possibility of blocking
  • High responsibility bookmakers to their customers.

In addition, when betting skins often, the operators themselves were not playing fair, getting through stakeholder access to the results of matches before they were over.

Prospects skins

It is necessary to recognize that in the future bet skins can completely disappear into the shadows, but it is possible that this will not happen, at least in Europe they have some prospects in the long term. While they were used by a limited number of gamers, interest in them was not, but growth of the industry in this type of bets 1500% for a couple of years has led to interest from Valve and other big companies and regulators who struggle with this kind of bets and by the skins in General.

Currently a few services that accept betting skins already folded up, but overall, experts suggest that Valve has enough power to completely prohibit such activities. It is possible that the market participants will look for ways of bypass of restrictions and locks.

To show the seriousness of the intentions of the Valve may, by imposing a complete ban on trade in skins, but this is currently not yet reached. The services is continuing its work, for example, the portal CSGOLaunge. We just need to monitor the situation.