System betting. Insurance Express or How to reduce risk and increase the gain?

Not all punters know that there are many ways to increase your chances of winning while betting with different bookmakers. In many cases, this requires a thorough analysis of each actions and cold calculation for a long time. But there are options that can minimize their own risks (from fully that losses will not save you, but will greatly improve the statistics) and greatly increase their chances of making a profit.

Системы игры в букмекерских конторах. Страховка экспрессов или Как уменьшить риски и увеличить выигрыш?

Such methods are called systems. There are many different variations on the theme of winning at the bookmakers, but in this article let's take a closer look at one of the most popular and well-known in the world wide web methods – systems, "two of three", "three of four" and "four of five".

What are system bets?

In General, any system of betting is a kind of complex bets, which are better for high cycle events with the same outcomes with the purpose of profit. Moreover, this approach should work even if some of the results to guess the gambler will not succeed.

Thus in dealing with such "complexes" the main thing is to observe only, but very important rule – must be put equal amounts on each of the parlays within this same system. But what are the principles of such strategies?

How does it work?

Regardless of whether two out of three or three out of five, built they are on the same circuit. The first number will indicate how many sporting events you must use each of the multiples. And the second indicates the total number of such trains required to operate the system.
Then it's simple. From the second subtract the first number and get a number of outcomes which better could not guess, but at the same time, still get profit with the Express. For example, in the embodiment, two out of three is possible to "merge" one of the outcomes, but still disrupt a good sum. And the "three of five" can be mistaken with two outcomes, but guessed the remaining three to get a good income by betting in General.

But it is worth considering that such a focus would only work if a bookmaker will offer on all selected events that the system is pretty high odds. On average, they should be not less than 1.7. While checking the profitability of such bets even beginners should not have any problems. The main thing is to carry out simple calculations. For example, in the case of using the "two out of three," in which the coefficients are equal, for example, of 1.8 and 1.9, the system will be advantageous, as multiplying these figures (1,8x1,9 = 3,42), we get the figure above a 3.0. That is enough to guess the two outcomes, and good profit in your pocket! And now let's dwell on each of the above systems.

Two out of three

It's simple. Three Express, in each of which it is necessary to use two events. First, choose the three most likely outcomes on the three different match or game. Do not forget that the coefficients should at least approach the figure of 2.0. It now remains to make the system two out of three, which involved pairwise combinations of these events.

If you manage to guess at least two outcomes, you have a profit. If we get the forecastat the end of all three outcomes, you can hit a great jackpot. But it is worth remembering that if you not played the two outcomes can remain in the red.

"Three of four"

A similar system, only it uses four of a kind – four of Express, in each of which you must choose three events. Further operate according to the same scheme – we choose the most probable outcomes, and depending on this combine. Advantage of this option is that you can add events with odds of 1.6 and above, since even in the case of one negadanno result you can still expect to profit.

"Four of five"

It's the same. Only Express trains should be five, and the events – four on each of them. The coefficients can be taken even smaller, but the risk is quite large, so as to guess the same five results is much more complicated than two or three.

The pros and cons of such systems, bets on sports betting parlays

The main advantage of such systems is the ability to be profitable even if one or more results guessed not. However, keep in mind that the more complicated a system is, the more chances to lose. At the same time to minimize the possible loss is quite simple – it is important to choose the right size bet in which you almost risk nothing, but may well get rich in the case of predicted results.

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