Whose tanks in World of Tanks the best?

Whose tanks in World of Tanks the best?

    Among the players in World of Tanks there are arguments one main topic: whose tanks are the best? To answer this question the editors Online-bookmakers.ru analyzed statistics and made a rating of the cars in different countries. It will be useful to all gamers, especially those who makes a bet at the bookmaker on matches of WoT. How? Read on!

    Our experts have studied the statistics of victories and defeats of each tank on the basis of the data presented on the portal Lab-vole. then we distributed the machines in accordance with the winrate, that's what we have:

    статистика лучших танков в wot

    Not surprisingly, the first place is the Soviet Union! The US bypassed France only because the tank Patton, and among the Chinese machines it is worth noting WZ-111 model 5A. The figure includes data on the top tank of each faction. If you want your bets at bookmakers often appeared advantageous, these statistics must be taken into account.

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