October - during the World of Tanks: overview of the new tanks.

October - during the World of Tanks: overview of the new tanks.

    Autumn has always been a hot season in the game World of Tanks, 2018 and October is no exception! The developers have prepared a lot of surprises: new tanks and prizes for completing the Halloween event. In this article you will learn about all the new and the forgotten machines that will begin to surf the field of battle and tear the tower from enemies. They will certainly have an impact on the distribution of forces, so everyone better betting on tournaments on the WoT bookmakermust consider new technology when preparing their forecast for the winner!

    New premium tank.

    The owners of premium accounts will have access to the new tank on October 3. Wargaming has not yet disclose the name of the machine and its parameters, however, it became known that the tank can be purchased from 10 to 22 October!

    Primo Victoria: the official tank from the band Sabaton.

    Primo Victoria wot танки

    From October 4 to November 1, every Thursday will be selling a new package medium tank Primo Victoria VIII. All fans of steel and metal dedicated!

    The level of technology VIII.

    During the month of October in the Wargaming store you can buy tanks of level VIII, the sale of each car will last for a week so often go to the store, not to miss a rare technique!

    Panzer 58 Mutz wot

    5-12 October: German medium tank Panzer 58 Mutz with the 90-mm gun is a real machine for the destruction of enemies: excellent acceleration, good armour penetration and high dynamics.wot 112 танки

    October 12-19: Chinese 112 heavy tank with a 122 mm. gun Good armor damage, but problems soonstilnoct and accuracy: the variation is 0.46 m/100m and only 4.55 shots per minute.

    AMX M4 танки

    October 26 - November 2: French heavy tank AMX M4 mle. 49, also known as "the 141 Project". The car existed only in sketches, and now appeared on computer screens! The tank is equipped with a 100 mm gun and solid armor: 250/120/60, rate of 5.83 shots per minute will not get bored!

    progetto m35 танки

    Progetto mod M35. 46

    From 11 to 22 October will be selling Progetto Italian tank mod M35. 46 level VIII. A bold design for its time, which was sent to the warehouse unnecessary. Now the efficiency Progetto may check in battle each and to assess the correctness of the position of General Rossi, who relied on machines weighing up to 35 tons.

    monster wot новый танк

    Tanks-monsters attack!

    From 18 to 22 October you can get one of the two tanks the monsters for combat missions on Halloween. Both machines are heavy, but differ in the level of technology.

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