Tested new World of Tanks: tank Emil 1951.

Tested new World of Tanks: tank Emil 1951.

    5 October began testing the new cars in the game World of Tanks: Swedish Emil 1951 tank with drum charging. Edition Online-bookmakers.ru prepared an overview of the main characteristics of the tank that are useful for gamers and players, who make bets on WoT in bookmakers.

    In comparison with Emil I Lite, tank Emil 1951 less armored, but more mobile. In addition, Emil 1951 shoots faster and has better options of sight. The company Wargaming has released the preliminary specifications of the tank (they can change during the testing process):

    To compensate for the lack of armor Emil 1951 equipped with a powerful engine - 400 HP., for every ton weight of the tank accounts for 15.15 HP, so he is able to quickly accelerate and boost obstacles. Optimal game tactics for Emil 1951 can be described with the phrase "run, run"! The tank is not designed for firing from cover, good speed and fast reload gun make three shots to escape from the zone of enemy attacks without much risk!

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