World of Tanks made a real tank battle

World of Tanks made a real tank battle

    The developers of the computer game World of Tanks made a real tank battle in the canadian city of Oshawa. More than a thousand people witnessed battles waged on the ground on the outskirts of the city. Edition couldn't ignore this interesting event!

    Wargaming every Saturday holds a "Day tanks" at the Museum of Ontario Regiment Museum.

    Visitors can see the world's largest collection of tanks and, of course, watching tank battles. For each "Day tanks", the organizers choose a specific topic, October 13, she became the Second world war.

    Spent the first tank parade, which was attended by car from the battlefields of world war II. Then began the "tank duel": the German Leopard 1 and American M60 Patton fought in a special arena. The machine has demonstrated a variety of maneuvers, took cover from enemy attacks behind the hills, shot at each other with blank shells and threw smoke bombs. The audience awarded the victory to the Leopard 1.

    After the battle, visitors invited to the exhibition tanks of the Second world war.

    The Museum staff answered questions from the guests and some lucky ones even managed to ride on the tank. Wargaming company has opened in the Museum shop, where you can buy models of tanks, t-shirts and caps with the logo Wolrd of Tanks and other interesting Souvenirs.

    "Day tanks" by Wargaming has two main goals: advertising and education. The event organizers want to not only tell but also show, in reality, as the fighting took place in the past. Canadians are thrilled from the tanks, and we're waiting for "Day tanks" will come to visit us!

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